Roll-Off Dumpster Lingo

Roll-Off Container or Roll-Off Dumpster – A “Roll-Off” or “Roll-Off Container” or “Roll-Off Dumpster” is an open top dumpster that is identified by its rectangular shape and utilizing wheels to facilitate rolling the dumpster in place. Roll-Offs are transported by specialty trucks and are commonly used for construction and demolition waste. The size of a Roll-Off Dumpster or Roll-Off Container are usually measured in Cubic Yards.

Cubic Yard – A cubic yard has the dimensions of 1 yard all around. It is commonly used in the dumpster rental business as the measurement of how much trash can fit within each dumpster size.

Tipping Fee – A tipping fee is the fee that landfills charge roll off trucks to dump their trash. When CDI disposes of your waste we pay a tipping fee to the landfill or facility that receives the material.

Dumpster Quote – A “dumpster quote” is the base rate that you will pay for a roll-off dumpster, the cost is typically determined by size of the container or Roll-Off Dumpster. There may be other fees that are in addition to the base rate depending on the length of time you have the dumpster and the materials that you load inside the container.

Tonnage – Tonnage is the amount of tons (weight) that the dumpster will hold. This is a commonly used term in the waste industry.

Tonnage Fee – A tonnage fee is a fee charged per ton over the weight limit. Most companies will have a weight limit for their containers. An example of this is that there may be a 4 ton limit for a 20 yard Roll-Off Container and the customer is typically charged a Tonnage Fee for anything over the 4 ton limit.

Hazardous Materials – Hazardous materials are materials that are not allowed to be thrown in a dumpster. The materials that are prohibited may include: tires, batteries, aerosols, and paints, etc…

Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) — This is regular waste. This is the waste you would have from your home or office.  MSW is typically what is picked up in bins from your curb each week or month

Construction & Demolition (C & D) Debris  – Construction & Demolition Debris is debris from a construction project or demolition project and is typically hauled away in Roll-Off containers.  Some C & D Debris such as Shingles, Metal, etc… are easily recycled.  C & D Waste accounts for about 30% of what goes into a typical landfill.