Seasonal Roll-Off Driver

Roll-Off Drivers safely operate a heavy-duty truck and are responsible for preparing, loading, and transporting large mobile open top containers to disposal sites, transfer or recycle facilities, and customer locations. Roll-Off Drivers will navigate driveways, alleyways, lots, high traffic roadways, and may operate in tight overhead environments while on industrial routes. Highly skilled backing maneuvers are essential to successfully...

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Professional References

Persons not related to you who are familiar with your experience, training, and character.
Examples: employers, supervisors, teachers, or co-workers.

Driving Information

Accident history, traffic convictions and license forfeitures for the last 3 years (other than parking violations).

Driving information is not required for this position.

Resume & Submit


If you would like to attach a resume with your application, please attach your file in Word (*.doc, *.docx) or PDF (*.pdf) format.
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Employment Policies and Release Form


There are a number of company policies that an applicant needs to know about and agree to before being employed. There also are a number of activities that this company may want to investigate as a part of the review and investigation of the appropriate background information on an applicant. The purpose of this document is to present these policies and investigative activities to the applicant to ensure that they are understood and agreed to at the time the application is submitted.


We, therefore, ask that you please read and electronically sign this form with your type-written e-signature/consent before you submit the Application for Employment.



Among the policies that have been adopted at this company are the following which we believe are important for an applicant to know in advance of employment. They are listed below. Your e-signature/consent below indicates that you have read, understand, and would agree to operate under these policies and procedures.

  1. This is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate because of age, sex, race, color, national origin, disability, religion, height, weight, marital status, ancestry, or veteran status.
  2. This company is a drug and alcohol-free workplace. To ensure worker safety and integrity of the workplace, we prohibit the illegal manufacture, possession, distribution, or use of controlled substances or alcohol in the workplace by its employees or those who engage or seek to engage in business. Offers of employment, therefore, may be conditioned on a physical examination, including a drug and alcohol screening.
  3. Your e-signature/consent indicates that you understand and agree that if employed, that employment is on an "at-will" basis, for no definite period, and may be terminated by you or this company at any time with or without reason or previous notice.
  4. An offer of employment must originate from the company.

The following investigative activities may be conducted as part of the background review of prospective employees. Your signature on this Release Form indicates you understand these activities and you authorize them to be performed with the conditions specified as listed below. 


  1. Certain positions at this company may not be held by persons convicted of specific crimes; if applying for such a position, you authorize this company to undertake a criminal records check with state police officials.
  2. You authorize this company to obtain a Motor Vehicle Record report. Our insurance company may also obtain a report through its sources. If the position you are applying for involves driving a motor vehicle, it is imperative that a good driving record exists.
  3. You authorize and request any and all of your former employers to furnish any and all information regarding your job performance. You agree to hold your former employers and their agents harmless from all liability that could relate in any way to the disclosure of private information or an assessment or opinion of your suitability for employment. 



I understand that if I am employed, any misrepresentation or material omission made by me on this application will be sufficient cause to warrant immediate discharge from employment whenever it is discovered.


I give Contractor's Disposal the right to contact and obtain information from all references, employers, and educational institutions, and to otherwise verify the accuracy of the information contained in this application. I hereby release Contractor's Disposal or representatives from any and all liability connected with seeking, gathering, and using such information, as well as any and all other persons, corporations, or organizations for furnishing such information. My type-written consent/e-signature below serves as my acknowledgment of these policies and processes.

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